Technical requirements

In order for you to be able to use the full functionality of the management system, you should note the following:


You may download the browsers free of charge from the manufacturer. 

Browser | Instructions

Google Chrome | Install Google Chrome

Internet Explorer | Install Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox | Install Mozilla Firefox

Opera | Install Opera

Apple Safari | Install Apple Safari

Deleting the cache and cookies

We recommend that you empty your browser's cache if you experience any difficulties with the presentation. The cache contains data that has already been downloaded (e.g. texts and images) and that have already been saved to your hard drive to enable faster access to Web pages. The cache may be emptied without concern. You can follow the links below if you need support as the method of emptying the cache varies for the different browsers.

Deleting Google Chrome's cache and cookies

Deleting Internet Explorer's cache and cookies

Deleting Firefox's cache and cookies

Deleting Opera's cache and cookies

Deleting Apple Safari's cache and cookies