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Wherever you converse with people – at work, at the sports club, at the hairdresser's, in the waiting room – you can talk about magnetic jewellery and start a sales conversation. Most of the people around you are jewellery enthusiasts and are interested in finding out about the power of the magnets. So for you, they are potential customers.

The classic sales tool in direct selling is the jeweler presentation. Friends and acquaintances meet at presentations run by our business partners and discover the fascinating new jewellery in a relaxed atmosphere.

How to use home presentations to promote your sales and your career is something you learn step by step from experienced trainers who are members of ENERGETIX Bingen's Success Academy.

You can participate in our competitions as soon as you start working with us. Special training trips and great events await the winners in each of the three competition categories. In any case you improve the course of your career as a magnetic jewellery consultant when you respond to the challenge and take part in a competition.

Our management system enables you to work very efficiently. It turns your computer into the most important helper in your jewellery consultancy business.

Jewellery presentation

Jewellery presentations are great fun. Even busniess partners who have been in the business a long time regularly testify to the tremendous atmosphere at the presentations. And no wonder: our fantastic designer jewellery appeals to a wide range of people. And the exclusive valuables that everybody can afford are also wellness products used by millions of men and women worldwide to help them feel better.

You will realize that your customers love the jewellery and that it is exactly what they want, even at your first party. They are grateful to you for a great offer that makes life more beautiful. You have an experienced ENERGETIX Bingen business partner at your side to help you run your first jewellery presentation. See how a home party works. Preferably in your own home. Invite friends and acquaintances round and host a magnetic jewellery presentation. An ENERGETIX Bingen business partner helps you to prepare for the presentation.

Look forward to the attractive jewellery you will receive as a hostess gift.

Click here to find out more about hosting a jewellery presentation.

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ENERGETIX Bingen's competitions meet the highest of standards. First- and second-category training trips to destinations that even attract direct sales experts who've seen it all. The third category is reserved for newcomers with the destination always being the company's headquarters in Bingen.

Qualifiers benefit in two ways: their careers enter a new dimension with newly recruited business partners while the training and incentive trips convey much new know-how, help people make new contacts and provide unforgettable impressions. The competitions are in any event a great way of motivating yourself and the members of your own team to perform at the highest of levels.

The latest competitions being held by ENERGETIX Bingen – motivation at the highest of levels – have been presented here.

Success Academy

At ENERGETIX Bingen, careers are not left to chance.
A professional, internationally oriented training system, the ENERGETIX SUCCESS ACADEMY, accompanies committed business partners from the smallest beginnings to the highest levels of success.

This very practice-oriented system has been specially developed for the purposes of initial and ongoing training. It covers all areas that are important for successful sales and team building. Key features are

  • standard work materials for all trainers
  • high quality training at all locations
  • free access to the training of your choice

Use this sophisticated training system as intensively as possible. You receive detailed specialist knowledge and come into contact with other business partners. You can exchange experiences and make a lot of new friends.

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STARCLUB membership the highest honour that ENERGETIX Bingen can bestow. It indicates that you are one of the 'best of the best'.

The STARCLUB is regularly invited to special exclusive events and training courses. It has a close connection with the company's management. Its advice and recommendations are incorporated in important management committee decisions.

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The company is rewarding the success of its business partners with its ENERGETIXDrive car programme. Marketing Directors are able to enjoy particularly favourable leasing and insurance terms and will receive a monthly bonus based on how successful they are.

The black and white representative models in different categories bearing the ENERGETIX Bingen logo are a visible sign of professional success.

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