ENERGETIX assumes social responsibility in thanks for its success. Both business partners and the company support the ‘Hugo Tempelman Foundation’ and the ‘Stiftung RTL – Wir helfen Kindern e. V.’ foundation. ENERGETIX has already been able to donate more than 1,000,000 euros to charity in the past. The most important thing about this is that every cent gets to where it's needed!

Dr Hugo Tempelman from the Netherlands runs pioneering projects in South Africa to combat aids and improve the quality of life for thousands of people; the RTL TV channel's foundation supports projects across the world to improve the prospects of children and adolescents.

Our customers and business partners really appreciate this commitment and are proud that they are able to contribute to it. We are working together to assist those who need urgent help.

Some of the donations are raised from revenues generated from selected products. ENERGETIX also takes part in two major events, the Gutenberg Marathon in Mainz and the RTL TV channel's charity marathon. ENERGETIX urges its business partners to take part in these events and donates a specific amount for each kilometre. These events constitute an extraordinary team experience while also serving a good deed at the same time. 


Actively doing good as a team: that was why ENERGETIX business partners, friends and the management travelled to Cologne in the autumn of 2017 and took part in the RTL television station's telethon.

The physical challenge required a total of 20 company relay teams to pedal around the curving track in go-karts for 24 hours without a break. Extreme sports personality and ENERGETIX friend Joey Kelly joined in again to take on the challenge all by himself!

Jessica Schlick (CMO) and Alexander Link (CIO/COO) also climbed into the pedal go-karts and ENERGETIX Sole Shareholder and CEO Roland Förster was very pleased to be able to present a cheque for donations worth 70,000 euros to the host Wolfram Kons in the RTL studio. RTL's 22nd telethon raised a total of nine million euros for children in need.

The physical challenge was met with success by all – and a new world record in 24-hour go-kart pedalling was set!

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The handing over of another cheque has allowed important projects to be continued

A big THANK YOU to all business partners and customers: sales of the popular MagnetHeart have made it possible for ENERGETIX to support the Hugo Tempelman Foundation with another 70,000 euros! Donations now total a good 1.3 million euros.

The money has enabled the Hugo Tempelman Foundation to, among other things, set up and run a computer-training facility, a centre for disabled children and a children's home for aids orphans as well as to create gardens for teaching young people how to grow vegetables.



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The 2017 Mainz half marathon – Joey Kelly joins ENERGETIX at the starting line again for a good cause

A beautiful tradition: ENERGETIX fielded a highly motivated team of runners again in 2017 to take part in the classic spring sports event that is the Gutenberg Marathon Mainz. Around 70 ENERGETIX employees and business partners from Germany and Austria ran the just over 21 kilometres in the company of extreme sports personality and ENERGETIX testimonial Joey Kelly on 7 May. Once again, ENERGETIX donated two euros to its charity partner – the Hugo Tempelman Foundation – for every kilometre that its runners achieved. 

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Handing over the cheque at the Collection Premiere 2016

Actor Clemens Schick, ambassador for the Hugo Tempelman Foundation, paid a surprise visit to the Collection Premiere in Berlin and praised ENERGETIX for its commitment in South Africa. This year, Roland Förster was able to hand over a cheque to the tune of 110,000 euros to Liesje Tempelman and Vivi Eickelberg of the Hugo Tempelman Foundation.

In conjunction with the participation in this year's RTL charity marathon, ENERGETIX has been able to raise 165,000 euros for charity over the last catalogue period.

ENERGETIX is again going to be represented by many business partners at the next RTL TV channel's charity marathon, which will be taking place from 24 to 25 November 2016. This time everybody will be getting on their spinning bikes. Joey Kelly will, of course, be joining in.

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ENERGETIX – active contributor to the RTL television channel's telethon

A sporting challenge that demands much from participants while reinforcing team spirit and that's also for a good cause? That's the RTL television channel's telethon!

ENERGETIX took part in this huge TV event to help children in need for a second time in 2016. Extreme sports personality, ENERGETIX friend and staunch sportEX supporter Joey Kelly set a new world record during the challenge by cycling non-stop for 24 hours. Company teams such as the one fielded by ENERGETIX joined in to also cycle as a team for 24 hours without stopping.

CMO Jessica Schlick presented TV host Wolfram Kons with an ENERGETIX bracelet in which ENERGETIX's total of 70,000 euros was engraved to symbolize its contribution to the 733,000 euros raised during the extraordinary challenge on 26 bikes.

Combined with viewer donations and charity auctions, RTL's 21st telethon raised a remarkable total of a good 7.8 million euros for children in need.

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ENERGETIX team at the RTL TV channel's charity marathon

Twenty ENERGETIX business partners and friends took to the treadmills on 19 and 20 November when extreme sports personality, Joey Kelly, completed his 24-hour run during the RTL TV channel's charity marathon. “Joey Kelly has long been committed to working with us to help children,” explained Roland Förster, Sole Shareholder and CEO at ENERGETIX, in a live interview with Wolfram Kons, who is in charge of RTL's charity activities. “He didn't have to persuade us much. We know that every cent raised goes to the projects.” The mood in the media group's foyer in the Deutz district of Cologne was magnificent. The atmosphere was unique as ENERGETIX's runners demonstrated fantastic team spirit with a run that totalled 232 kilometres. Ten euros were donated for each kilometre that the team ran on the treadmills. The total amount raised during the ‘Wir helfen Kindern‘ (‘We Help Children’) event organized by the RTL foundation exceeded the 10-million euro mark. Besides the 10 euros for every kilometre run, ENERGETIX also contributed with a cheque worth more than 70,000 euros. 

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The next phase of projects by Hugo Tempelman – ENERGETIX's charity partner – is ready to commence: as the doctor from the Netherlands explained during the Mainz Marathon 2016, the mother-and-child programme in South Africa has – also thanks to ENERGETIX's support – worked as an example to such convincing effect that it is being duplicated by the government.

The Hugo Tempelman Foundation is now set to focus on the provision of schooling and education. “We've developed a massive programme for children, which is called: From the cradle to adulthood,” explained Dr Hugo Tempelman.  “We've helped healthy children on their way. Now we're giving more children in South Africa a chance. By providing lessons, food and fresh water.”

A first donation by ENERGETIX has already been directed towards this second phase of the foundation's development. More than 70 runners in ENERGETIX's marathon team, who were again supported by extreme sports personality, Joey Kelly, individual business partners and the company raised a total of 7,500 euros at the Mainz Marathon – funds that will help keep the new school and training programme going. 

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Donated funds exceed 1,000,000 euros

ENERGETIX has been working with business partners to support Dr Hugo Tempelman's work in South Africa since 2008. Donations totalled 155,000 euros in 2015.

The funds are used, among other things, to support the Mother-and-Child Project at the 24-hour clinic in Elandsdoorn. Dr Hugo Tempelman reported at the Catalogue Launch that thanks to ENERGETIX's support, 2,838 children have been born at the Mother-and-Child clinic. “538 mothers were HIV positive but all 538 of their babies were born HIV negative. That's a huge success,” he said, expressing his gratitude at his presentation in Berlin where he also talked about his other work and projects. A moving film documented the remarkable results achieved with ENERGETIX's continued support, which exceeded the one-million mark with this year's donation. 

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Running for a good cause

Mainz half marathon on 10 May 2015: more than 100 runners had accepted Roland Förster's invitation at the 2014 Catalogue Launch in Berlin and once again – with their smart ENERGETIX shirts – formed the largest registered group at the starting line. Joey Kelly was also there as the pacemaker and motivator. ENERGETIX donated two euros for every runner and every kilometre run to the Hugo Tempelman Foundation. A rounded-up total of 5,000 euros was donated. Hugo and Liesje Tempelman also took part in the event in Mainz – Hugo as an enthusiastic spectator and Liesje as a runner who achieved remarkable results.

The next half marathon in Mainz is to take place on 22 May 2016. Business partners, customers and friends of the company should make a note of this date – it's a really special day – whether as a runner or a fan cheering from the sidelines.

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New charity film – with Johannes B. Kerner in South Africa

The management at ENERGETIX became aware of the work that the Hugo Tempelman Foundation was doing through a TV show hosted by Johannes B. Kerner a few years ago and has since then – in conjunction with its business partners – helped the charity in its exemplary work of providing humanitarian aid in South Africa.

Roland Förster and Johannes B. Kerner visited the foundation's facilities in April 2014. The film documentation about the important humanitarian work being done by Hugo and Liesje Tempelman and their staff that was produced during the visit was shown to the audience at the Catalogue Launch in Berlin and is now available through ENERGETIX's YouTube channel. You can also watch the short film directly here.

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Joint charity focus

Johannes B. Kerner made an appeal via a live link at the 2014 ENERGETIX Catalogue Launch in Berlin to Roland Förster, Sole Shareholder and CEO of ENERGETIX, Barbara Schöneberger, who was hosting the Launch, and the entire ENERGETIX audience attending the event.

The TV personality talked about his trip with Roland Förster to South Africa in 2014 to visit the facilities organized by the Hugo Tempelman Foundation and about how he'd been able to gain a good impression of the foundation's work. Noticeably moved, he introduced the film about life in a children's home for aids orphans that was made there.

After the film, ENERGETIX's management presented a cheque for 150,000 euros to the charity's organisers. Dr Hugo Tempelman said that the foundation would not have been able to carry on its work without ENERGETIX's support.

ENERGETIX has to date donated in excess of 913,000 euros to the Hugo Tempelman Foundation.

ENERGETIX thanks all contributors for their commitment to the charity.

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Lucky symbol to represent social commitment

Elephants are a lucky symbol in Africa. Our long-standing charity partner, the Hugo Tempelman Foundation, which for many years has provided outstanding care to South African children orphaned by aids, also has a little elephant as its mascot. ENERGETIX will be donating two euros to the Hugo Tempelman Foundation with the sale of each elephant pendant.

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ENERGETIX was not only able to field another highly motivated team consisting of staff and business partners from nine countries to run in this year's Gutenberg Marathon in Mainz, it also increased its number of participants: with 140 registered runners, the ENERGETIX team was the largest at the event in which a total of around 10,000 runners took part. This year, the participants received active support from extreme sports personality, Joey Kelly, who joined the ENERGETIX team at the starting line to run the half marathon with the aim of accompanying each team member across the finishing line. Successfully!

ENERGETIX donated two euros for every kilometre that the group ran to the Hugo Tempelman Foundation so that the figure was rounded up to a grand total of 5,000 euros, which was donated to the charity on 11 May.

We thank all runners, helpers and the spectators who lined the route to cheer the participants on!

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Street children's project in Brazil

ENERGETIX Bingen is supporting the "Creche Beu Machado" kindergarten in Salvador da Bahia. Business partners became aware of the project to help children between the ages of one and five and take them off the streets while on a competition trip.

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Charity project: Art Advent Calendar

In 2013, ENERGETIX again took part in the Art Advent Calendar charity project, which brought together art, businesses and media partners for a good cause. 

To this end, ENERGETIX joined forces with actor, Anja Kling, and artist, Prof. Jürgen Redelius, who donated a work of art especially for the 20th window in the advent calendar. All 24 works of art donated by the artists were displayed during the run-up to Christmas in large-format presentations at open-air galleries created on representative façades in Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt am Main.

Besides the "Vita Nuova" work of art for the calendar window, Prof. Jürgen Redelius also produced another piece in cooperation with Anja Kling that was auctioned to the benefit of the charity. 

All funds generated by the Art Advent Calendar in 2013 were donated to "fit-4-future" – a charity project organized by the Cleven Foundation to help promote children's health and exercise. 

More information about this project is available at: | YouTube

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Every heart counts

At the 2013 Catalogue Launch in Berlin, the ENERGETIX Management Board was once again able to present a gratifyingly large donation cheque to Hugo and Liesje Tempelman, the initiators of the Hugo Tempelman Foundation. 175,000 euros had been raised over the previous months with the MagnetHeart: a donation was automatically paid for every heart sold. With the money donated, ENERGETIX supports the Hugo Tempelman Foundation in its fight against HIV in South Africa.

Our sincere thanks to all the business partners whose commitment contributed to making the amount donated so large again. 

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Joey Kelly supports the ENERGETIX team

As in the previous year, business partners and staff joined ENERGETIX's team of runners to take part in the Gutenberg Marathon. This year was special because Joey Kelly – musician, motivation coach and extreme sportsman  joined the team dressed in this year's pink-and-black ENERGETIX shirts to run the half-marathon distance of 21.0975 kilometres.

The prominent sports personality with whom several activities to be staged in conjunction with ENERGETIX have been planned for this year was inspirational not least because he tirelessly motivated the other runners and spurned them on not to give up.

ENERGETIX's sole shareholder and CEO, Roland Förster, pledged three euros for every kilometre ran by business partners, staff and, of course, Joey Kelly. This resulted in a total of 2,000 euros being donated to the Hugo Tempelman Foundation, which under the motto of "POSITIVE + CHANGE" employs the holistic approach developed by Hugo and Liesje Tempelman, both doctors from the Netherlands, to help in the battle against HIV and tuberculosis in South Africa.

We thank all runners for their efforts to support the charity!

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Achieving a great deal together

For many years, ENERGETIX Bingen and its business partners have been supporting the Hugo Tempelman Foundation with funds that both the company and its business partnes have generated. 

That these donations literally come from the heart is symbolized by the popular MagnetHeart: you can help by purchasing the heart  which is available in two versions – because a share of the profits from these pieces is always donated to our charity partner. So each MagnetHeart sold keeps increasing the donations. 

The very successful MagnetHeart sales made it possible for us to present a pleasantly large cheque to the initiators of the Hugo Tempelman Foundation at the Catalogue Launch, which took place on 1 September 2012.

The funds will make an active contribution to the continuation of the foundation's comprehensive projects and will help create better future prospects for children who have lost their parents to HIV.

Our heartfelt thanks go to our business partners who through their ongoing commitment have helped us jointly achieve another remarkable 175,000 euros – the same amount we were able to donate last year.  

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Charity meets art: BMW's Art Advent Calendar

Besides its commitment to the Hugo Tempelman Foundation, ENERGETIX Bingen last year took part in the BMW Art Advent Calendar, which brings contemporary art together with businesses and media partners for a good cause. Each of the 24 participating artists created a work of art specifically for the Art Advent Calendar and donated it to the project. The 24 works of art were shown as open-air XXL Advent Calendars in Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt am Main during December.

The 2012 Art Advent Calendar was dedicated to the "Artists for Kids" youth support project. This charity, which was founded by Bernd Eichinger (1949 - 2011) along with friends and colleagues in 1999, helps Munich children and young people as well as their families who have fallen on hard times. A total of 100,000 euros was donated to the "Artists for Kids" project as a result of the joint project.

Each artist also worked with their backers to create an additional work of art. These 24 works were auctioned off on 1 December 2012 and the revenue was also donated to "Artists for Kids". The project was accompanied among other things by special N24 spots and a project-specific charity magazine.

Such celebrity backers as Hannelore Elsner, Dominic Raacke, Christian Berkel, Katja Flint and Franziska Knuppe, who appealed for donations for the charity, provided additional support.

The 15th "door" on the calendar was reserved for ENERGETIX Bingen. The day the picture, "Zuneigung II" ("Affection II") by the artist, Ilona Arndt, was revealed.

The N24 spot and the short film, showing the cooperation between Ilona Arndt and model, Franziska Knuppe, provides further details. 

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Running for a good cause

When the gun was fired at the start of the Gutenberg Marathon in Mainz on 6 May 2012, it was the first time that ENERGETIX Bingen distributors and staff were part of the 11,000-strong field. 

As well as providing a lot of sport and enjoyment, the half marathon tackled by the ENERGETIX runners resulted in a very welcome contribution to charity. Owner and CEO Roland Förster donated one euro to the Hugo Tempelman Foundation for each kilometre run by ENERGETIX distributors and staff, and the management spontaneously decided to double this sum. A further 100 € was contributed by FKS-Willigis, a club that works closely with the Willigis High School in Mainz (which very generously offered its facilities as changing rooms). After the 21 kilometre run, ENERGETIX Bingen was able to hand over a total of 2,100 € to the Hugo Tempelman Foundation, its charity partner. 

The company's first Mainz Marathon, which included 45 runners wearing a striking red ENERGETIX shirt, represents a very successful combination of sporting and social commitment. ENERGETIX Bingen will be lining up again next year at the start of the 2013 Mainz Marathon. 

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Music for the Tempelman Foundation

Some 100 doctors from 20 countries regularly exchange their white coats for evening attire and  as members of the World Doctors Orchestra  perform benefit concerts for people in need of healthcare. The Orchestra toured South Africa from 7 to 12 February 2012. The proceeds of the concerts in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Elandsdoorn went to the Ndlovu Care Group, an organization supported by the Hugo Tempelman Foundation, and their project to help Aids orphans which ENERGETIX Bingen has supported for years. Particularly impressive was the Orchestra's joint appearance with the Ndlovu Youth Choir. The latter was established as a result of integrative social work in the township of Elandsdoorn and has already appeared with many international artists. The inspiring performance in Elandsdoorn turned into a true festival for artists and audience. The successful South Africa tour was made possible as a result of support from, among others, ENERGETIX Bingen.

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"Life, above all"

Oliver Schmitz shoots a film in Elandsdoorn involving the Tempelman Project 

ENERGETIX Bingen and its business partners have been supporting the Tempelman Foundation's Aids project in South Africa for several years. The Dutch doctor and his wife visit us regularly at the Catalogue Launch to bring us up to date on their work.

The last Launch included the screening of a very moving video about the Tempelman Project in Elandsdoorn shot by the Launch's host, Ingo Nommsen. And now "Life, above all", a feature film shot in the same setting, will shortly be on general release. All the actors come from the Tempelman Project and even the two lead actresses Khomotso Manyaka and Lerato Mvelase, neither of whom had ever stood before a camera, were recruited there. 

The film tells the story of Chanda, a 12-year-old girl growing up in simple but loving surroundings in the rural township of Elandsdoorn in provincial South Africa. Her world changes abruptly when her one-year-old sister Sara dies and her much loved mother falls seriously ill shortly afterwards. In a wealth of impressive images the film, by South African-born director Oliver Schmitz (Paris, je t'aime, Doctor's Diary), not only depicts a touching mother-daughter relationship but also mirrors modern South Africa: lively, complex and full of extremes. 

"Life, above all" dazzled audiences at Cannes, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro and the Berlinale and made it to the last nine out of seventy candidates for nomination in the Oscar's Best Foreign Language Film category. The film will be on general release in Germany from 5 May.   

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Charity part of the 2011 Jubilee Launch

Moving moment at the 2011 Catalogue Launch in Mainz's Rheingoldhalle at the end of August: Dr. Hugo Tempelman and his wife Liesje received a cheque for 175,000 euros. As the Dutch doctor said in his speech of thanks, this ensures that his hospital in South Africa will continue to operate up to the end of 2013. According to Dr. Tempelman, "In concrete terms, it means saving the lives of people who would otherwise die". 

CEO and sole shareholder Roland Förster was in South Africa a few weeks earlier with Manfred Teubner, Head of Entertainment at ZDF, who agreed to become an honorary member of the Board of the Hugo Tempelman Foundation. 

A film was made there which will be used to support the Foundation.

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Charity – an inner need

We and our business partners have become successful as a result of our work. It provides us with satisfaction and financial security.

Saying thank you and doing something useful

Hence our need to help people who do not enjoy such a life. We are delighted that we – and our distributors – have found a way to share our success with these people through our charity activities. In the Hugo Tempelman Foundation we have found an organization that converts our support directly into help for the sick and needy. Up to September 2010 we had presented the Hugo Tempelman Foundation with 170,000 € in donations. 

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Hugo Tempelman Foundation


ENERGETIX Bingen's charity activities

Help for mother-and-child project in South Africa

ENERGETIX Bingen has supported the South African AIDS project of Dutch doctor Hugo Tempelman since 2008. On 4 September 2010 ENERGETIX CEO and owner Roland Förster presented Hugo Tempelman and his wife Liesje with a cheque for 100,000 € at the Launch of the new jewellery collection and the new catalogue in Mainz's Rheingoldhalle, before an audience of over 1,300 guests.

The Tempelmans have been active in the fight against AIDS in South Africa since 1990. Today their project incorporates several clinics with a range of infrastructural and cultural measures and involves the creation of new jobs. It now serves as a model and can be used wherever similar conditions prevail. A project of this size is dependent on financial support. A lot of sponsors have reduced their readiness to donate to charities because of the difficult economic situation. This also endangers the so far very successful work of the Tempelman Foundation.

ENERGETIX Bingen has therefore decided to continue giving targeted financial support to Hugo Tempelman's AIDS project. The 100,000 € donation will go towards the mother-and-child unit in the 24-hour clinic of the South African town of Elandsdoorn. Thanks to the excellent medical care, 99% of the HIV-infected mothers in this clinic give birth to uninfected babies. The opportunity to sustain the very young and hence save lives and enable them to develop is what motivates the fundraising campaign.

ENERGETIX Bingen had already donated the sum of 70,000 € to the AIDS project in previous years, in several individual amounts. The new record sum has been possible because of the company's satisfying growth. Business partners have once again sold the firm's best-selling product, the MagnetHeart (on which the amount to be donated is based), so successfully that the company was able to donate a further 100,000 €.

In November 2009 the recognition and worldwide attention received by the Tempelmans' project was once again apparent when they received the Martin Buber Award for their services to humanity. Mikhail Gorbachev, also a holder of the Martin Buber Award, was so taken by the Bingen company's commitment that he sent a message of greeting to the Catalogue Launch in Mainz. 

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Donation from the heart

The Magnet Heart has been ENERGETIX Bingen's best-selling product for years. The amount donated to the Hugo Tempelman Foundation is based on the number of MagnetHearts sold. Donations are made at regular intervals. Two euros are added to the donation for every MagnetHeart sold. The amount donated increases each time, in line with the company's growth. Amount donated so far (September 2010): 170,000 euros. 

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Dr. Hugo Tempelman

Martin Buber Award for our charity partner

On 15 November 2009 Dr. Hugo Tempelman and his wife Liesje were awarded the Martin Buber Award at Rolduc Abbey in Kerkrade in recognition of their work in South Africa.

Previous recipients of this award for services to humanity have included Richard von Weizsäcker, Helmut Schmidt and Mikhail Gorbachev. Having visited the Tempelman project in South Africa, ENERGETIX Bingen business partners were absolutely sure our donations were being used sensibly and effectively. This official recognition of our charity partner demonstrates once again that we made the right decision.

An ENERGETIX representative was present at the award ceremony, which was an extremely moving event.

ENERGETIX jewellery also had a role to play: the "Youth in Dialogue" event, in which young people from many countries participated, included a literature competition. Elisaveta, the charming winner from the Russian town of Perm, received as her prize a set of ENERGETIX Bingen jewellery. 

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Message of greeting from Mikhail Gorbachev to ENERGETIX Bingen on the occasion of the 2010 Catalogue Launch

Everyone shares responsibility for the present and future well-being of the human family and the larger living world.“

From the preamble to the Earth Charter

Liesje and Hugo Tempelman are people who have understood this. Their South African project is a very successful model in the fight against Aids. The life and commitment of both is compelling. They inspire others and move them to become actively involved.

Hugo and Liesje Tempelman run a mother-and-child project at the Ndlovu Medical Centre that they set up in Elandsdoorn. Thanks to comprehensive care before, during and after birth, 99% of the HIV-infected mothers at this clinic now give birth to healthy HIV-negative babies.

Energetix Bingen, which has its headquarters in Germany, has understood that part of a successful company's responsibility is to help the weakest members of the human family and to open new perspectives for them.

Energetix Bingen is deeply committed to supporting this project with your donations. Together with its distributors, this medium-sized company has so far donated 170,000 euros to the Ndlovu Medical Centre. The money will save the lives of hundreds of children.

I welcome this noble humanitarian project and wish its initiators and participants ongoing success.

Mikhail Gorbachev 

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